End of labwork for Jack Bolton

We temporarily bid farewell to MBiol student Jack, who has completed two successful terms of research in the lab. Jack is now off to write up his thesis/report. We can’t wait until he’s back as a BBSRC DTP PhD student in October!

Academy of Medical Sciences success

This is shaping up to be an amazing 2019! We have been awarded a Springboard Award by the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Wellcome Trust to investigate the action of host-derived effectors of nutritional immunity. Although we have declined to accept the award because of overlap with our Wellcome Trust Seed Award, we are very grateful for the vote of confidence by the peer reviewers and panel members.

Edinburgh Seminar

Karrera visited Dr Louise Horsfall at the University of Edinburgh and delivered a seminar at the School of Biological Sciences about copper homeostasis in bacteria. She also met with Dr Edward Wallace. It was a fantastic visit with plenty of interesting discussions about metals!