Thank you all for your interest in these studentships. We have now successfully recruited two excellent students to join us in the fall. We look forward to welcoming them in the lab and introducing them to you!

Two x 4-year studentships, fully funded by a BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership between Durham University, Newcastle University, and Liverpool University, are available. Both students will develop a multi-disciplinary skill set that can be applied to address a spectrum of bioscience-related questions in future careers.

1. Bacterial copper handling: opportunities for antimicrobial development.

This project aims to examine how copper affects the physiology of a pathogenic Neisseria species and how this organism coordinates its response to copper stress. The student will be jointly supervised by Dr Kevin Waldron (Newcastle University).

2. Capsular degradation by Group A Streptococcus: How does it contribute to its survival?

This project aims to establish how breakdown of the streptococcal capsule occurs, to characterise the key enzymes responsible in the process, and to investigate how  recycling of capsule sugars allows GAS to withstand nutrient stress. The student will be based in Newcastle University in the laboratory of Dr Elisabeth Lowe.

Interested students should contact Karrera to discuss the projects. Deadline for applications is 12 January 2018.

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